Stainless steel wing nut anchor bolt for construction fastener


SOFIT focuses on the field of building materials for 22 years, producing high-quality aluminum veneers, which can be customized according to the demand of various types of aluminum veneers to meet the metal curtain wall decoration of various projects.

Metal Plates Curtain Wall is installed by connector and the keel is fixed on the main structure. They can be constructed in various shapes, various metallic walls. Metal Plates Curtain Wall dassified by aluminum veneer curtain wall, aluminum composite panel curtain wall, curtain wall aluminum honeycomb panels, weathering steel curtain wall, curtain wall copper, titanium zinc plate curtain wall. They are light weight, easy processing, high strength, stiffness, durability, ease of transportation and construction, surface texture, moisture, corrosion-resistant, suitable for all kinds of high-rise buildings and large venues wall and roof decoration.


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